Wednesday, July 25, 2007

After the Show 2--ACEO

(Colourfix, Colored Pencils, 2.5" x 3.5")

This is the second piece in a series of three "After the Show" paintings. The previous "After the Show," (see July 15, 2007 post), was done on Ivory Colourfix paper using Prismacolor colored pencils. "After the Show 2" is done on Burnt Umber Colourfix paper using Prismacolor colored pencils and black and white Derwent Coloursoft colored pencils. There is a definite difference between the two paintings. The black and white Coloursoft pencils seem brighter on the darker paper, and its application goes on smoother than the Prismacolor black and white pencils. I don't know that I like one painting more than the other. They're just different. This piece seems cleaner in color and has darker shadows within the cup; whereas the first "After the Show" version has a softer overall effect. I plan to paint 8" x 10" paintings of each of the three versions. (Note: I don't know why there are tiny white specks on the top part of this painting. It is not on the original.)

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