Sunday, July 15, 2007

After the Show--ATC

( 2.5" x 3.5", Colourfix, colored pencil)

I created this piece for Scribble Talk's July ATC (Art Trading Cards) Project. Members of Scribble Talk participate in this ATC project by following simple guidelines then eagerly wait for their randomly-selected trading card created by another member to arrive by mail. Sounds like fun? Join us. Membership is free.

I titled this piece "After the Show," because it reminds me of how I feel (and I think my husband and daughters may agree) after every show. My husband, Tremayne, and my two daughters, Ku'ulei and Ku'uipo, are Polynesian entertainers. After every show, we remove our leis and pack our instruments, sound equipment and costumes into our suitcases and crates. Symbolically we start our show with full cups--bringing our songs, music and dance to our audience--and end our show with empty cups--having expended our energy throughout the show. Our fast-paced show leaves us thirsty and exhausted. However, we are satisfied with another memorable family experience that binds and unites us (the placement of the kukui nut lei over and around the cups in the piece). The reflections of the lace and lei on the cups, and the shadows throughout the piece remind me that we affect one another by our words and actions. Knowing that we brought laughter and enjoyment to our audience makes me smile. I hope you find your own story when you look at "After the Show," and smile.

What is an ATC?

ATCs, (Artist Trading Cards), like an ACEO, are miniature works of art done in any media, and is 2.5" x 3.5" in size. Unlike the ACEOs, ATCs are usually traded rather than sold. Artists may trade ATC’s in face-to-face trading sessions, but it is more commonly organized and exchanged through the internet and subsequently mailed to the artists.

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