Friday, July 20, 2007

Almost Four Colored Pencils--ACEO

Friends from Scribble Talk offered critique on my “Different, but Same” pastelbord piece. They suggested that I push my values in the pears. One artist took the time to scan my piece into Photoshop and visually show me how I could make this piece better. Taking their advice, I decided to practice shading and working with values. This is how “Almost Four Colored Pencils” was born.
(2.5" x 3.5," Stonehenge, colored pencil)

After drawing this ACEO, I realized that this is a piece with many good prospects. If I made a template of this line drawing, I could print copies to use as warm-up exercises and to practice shading, values, highlights, color mixing, different pressures, experiment with different brands of colored pencils, combine different media: watercolor pencils and colored pencils, etc. The template would even allow me to change the design of the composition. The fun part, I can share it with other colored pencil artists. So here it is:

1. Copy and paste the line drawing into word document.
2. You can resize the line drawing at this stage. The image was created to fit an ACEO's height, and it is drawn wider than needed to allow you to design your own composition.
3. Print off a copy to trace the line drawing onto your favorite ground or print the line drawing directly onto your favorite surface.

Have fun!

Discovery Friday

This has been a fun first week of blogging: learning how to blog, and deciding what to post. I have made interesting discoveries during the past week. These discoveries will be included in my new feature, “Discovery Friday,” beginning today.

When I’m not drawing or painting, one of my favorite art activities is to visit other artists’ blogs and learn about their techniques and processes. Although I prefer colored pencil as a medium, exploring artists who use other media inspires my own creativity. I especially enjoy artists who take me out of my familiar zone and show me the possibilities of different media.

Molly Brose is an artist who works with a combination of different media: watercolor, charcoal, grease pencil, graphite, and red pencil. The use of these media gives her images interesting colors, values and textures. She says that her “small, daily paintings,” 6” x 6,” “serves as a sketchbook where she can develop her voice as an artist.” She’s been blogging since November 2006. On June 27, within seven months, she’s completed her 100th painting. Congratulations, Molly!

I found great articles about the business of art from Sylvia White of “ArtAdvice.” Included are articles such as:

Creating the Perfect Artists’ Website
How to Successfully Photograph Your Own Artwork
The Dreaded Artist Statement
Pricing Your Art
Marketing for the Millennium
Licensing Basics
Top 10 Reasons Why Galleries Reject Artists
Launched in December of 1997, ArtAdvice was designed to “provide artists worldwide with free information and advice.”

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