Friday, July 13, 2007

Different, but Same

(8" x 10," Pastelbord, colored pencil)

I thought I'd post my first colored pencil art work done on my current favorite surface, Pastelbord. I initially titled it "Different, but Same," then changed it to "Color Blind," and quickly changed it back. It seems that naming a piece is as much work as creating it.

As a writer, I acquired the unconscious habit of looking below the surface and appearances of people and things--finding deep meanings, hidden intentions, and possible symbolisms--and describing my discovery in a few powerful words. In this piece, I portrayed the idea of "acceptance." We are unique individuals--different cultural backgrounds, ages, genders, personalities, and beliefs. However, we are all the same in one important aspect--we all want to be loved, appreciated, accepted and encouraged. Thus, the title "Different, but Same." Enjoy.

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