Thursday, July 19, 2007

Seasons 1, Seasons 2--Art Quilts

(Seasons 1, Art Quilts, Crystals, 8" x 10")

(Seasons 2, Art Quilt, Crystals, 8" x 10")

Since I did not post an art piece yesterday, I decided to post two more of my art quilts today. They are for the Alzheimer’s Quilt project.

The four sections of each of these art quilts are made of different colored fabrics representing the four seasons of our lives. The veins of the leaves are embroidered across the sections and remind us that everything we experience in life takes us into the next stage of our journey. Swarovski crystals can be found within each section suggesting that gems are found in every season.


When I was a teenager, life was about me.
When I became a wife, life was about us.
When I became a mother, life was about them.
Now that I am a grandmother,
Life is about Seasons.

Thanks for looking.

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