Monday, August 6, 2007

Flowers For My Friends--Art Quilt

(Flowers for my Friends, Art Quilt, Crystals, 8" x 10")

I was thinking about the great friendships that I have made over the years and wishing that we lived closer to one another so we could have lunch, go shopping or just visit. Friends like Charmaine, from Hawaii; or Sharon and Theresa from California; or Jacqueline, who recently moved back East; or Sandi, who lives in Las Vegas; or Kim and Mabel, who live here in Dallas--they are all gems in my life.

Friends see you at your worst, and love you anyway, and when friends see you at your best, they celebrate your life!

I have recently made new artist friends through my colored pencil art, art quilts, and blogging--Su from Georgia, Nicole from N.H., Theresa from California, and Ami from Michigan.

I am rich because of my family and friends.

This art quilt will be donated to the Alzheimer's Quilt Project.

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