Friday, August 10, 2007

Two Pears

After my line drawing, I evenly applied one layer of Neocolors. This is on 6" x 6" Grey Pastelbord by Ampersand.

Next, I applied water with a watercolor brush over the Neocolors.

Here I applied two even layers of Prismacolor colored pencils.

Using a bristle brush, I blended the Prismacolor colored pencils with the Neocolors using small circular strokes. It is already beginning to glow.

I still have more work to do. I need to add more colored pencil layers and blend it with the bristle brush until I achieve a good value and contrast. I also need to add the highlights.

Click HERE to see the completed version of "Two Pears."

Click HERE to see my other artwork using Neocolor II. You can also find my artwork using Neocolor II by clicking on "Neocolor II" located under the heading "Labels" in my blog's sidebar.


I needed a pencil sharpener that could sharpen the Derwent Coloursoft pencils. While shopping online, I found this Multipoint Professional sharpener. Although it is not electric, I bought it for its features: It has an automatic self-feeding clutch with an auto stop; it takes large diameter pencils 8mm-12mm in most shapes including triangular, hexagon and round; and it sharpens in five custom pencil point shapes. It also includes a table clamp. I can even sharpen my Neocolors with it. I bought it from Jerry's Artarama. The list price is $49.99, Jerry's price is $24.99, but it is on sale until August 20 for $19.99.

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