Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dancing Hearts--Art Quilt

(Dancing Hearts, Art Quilt, Crystals, Yarn, 8" x 10")

When designing a quilt, I begin with an idea or theme I want to portray. Then I sketch many images onto paper until I find a composition I like. This process helps me focus on the subject of the piece, and writing a description and finding a name usually happens easily.

However, when designing this quilt, instead of starting with an idea, I began with items I wanted to use: colorful fabrics and yarn to add texture. I did not have a sketch or plan. I just started with my brown fabric for the background and started cutting shapes and played with the placement of the hearts and circles until I was pleased with the composition. There's movement in this quilt's diagonal design and quilting lines, and texture from the yarn and crystals enhance its composition.

This is another Alzheimer's Quilt Project art quilt.

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