Friday, September 14, 2007

Flowers--by Barbara

Barbara of Maryland sent me this fabric postcard. She recently went to a Renaissance Faire and wrote us about her fun experience. She wrote about the King and his court traveling around the grounds, horsemen in full armor in 90-degree weather, jesters, jugglers--and the food: smoked turkey legs, apple dumpling, Scottish Egg (I have never tried this), deep fried Twinkies and Oreos (I have never tasted these either). Her description made me wish I could be there too.

Barbara's postcard reminds me of colors that I might have seen in the costumes worn by the jesters or jugglers. She placed two silk flowers onto her background fabric and randomly stitched colorful variegated yarn over the flowers and background. She draws the viewer's attention to the center of each flower by stitching it with black thread.

Here's another great sample of a fabric postcard. Thanks for the postcard and the colorful description of your day at the Faire, Barbara.

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