Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Have a Wonderful Fall," by Jacq

"Have a Wonderful Fall," by Jacq

Jacq was born in Germany but now lives in Washington. She and her husband have been married for forty years! Congratulations!

Her postcard looks like it is made from Batiks or hand-dyed fabrics. The yellow fabric between the leaf and the background adds dimension and pushes the leaf forward, and its curved lines add movement. It is hand appliqued using buttonhole stitches and variegated thread. The green leaf is expertly machine stitched with bronze or copper metallic thread. Jacq sprinkled beads in varying sizes across the card which adds texture and emphasizes its movement. The satin-stitched edge using a variegated thread in the colors of her fabrics brings harmony to the piece.

Beautiful composition and card. Thanks, Jacq!

(Note: After my original posting, Jacq kindly informed me that her image was posted upside down. Sorry, Jacq.)

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