Friday, November 2, 2007

Ku'uipo Pop Art--Art Quilt

(Ku'uipo Pop Art, Art Quilt, crystals, 8" x 10")

After seeing Kiki's Pop Art Quilt, Ku'uipo asked me to make one of her. I made several versions and experimented with different colors and was not satisfied with the results. I know her face so well, and I see flaws in my work. Do other artists feel the same as I do? This is the most recent version.
This is the original photo taken by Ku'ulei.

I think I'll spend some time playing with this art quilt, maybe try different colors, play with the values and shadows . . . until I produce a version I really like.

RICHES . . .

Yesterday was a terrific day because special people in my life remembered my birthday. My morning started with finding a post-it-note on my computer stating: "Hauoli la Hanau, Happy Birthday" from Tremayne.

My email box was flooded with e-cards, and e-mail birthday greetings, from Hanna, Bunny, Dove, Jacq, my "special daughter" Joanna, Charm . . . phone calls from Dear Friends, Kim, Angel . . . a special blog post by Jacq, who celebrates the same birthday . . . my Mom and two sisters--Catherine and Wini--who live in Hawaii, called to wish me a "Happy Birthday" with a song early in the morning before starting their day . . . gifts in the mail, Charm, Jacq . . . Mason sang me the "Happy Birthday" song which he and Ku'ulei practiced, and practiced, and practiced, during the day . . . another special blog post by Ku'ulei . . . a text message from Ku'uipo at the start of her day, and a special gift . . . carnations from Kiki, Mason and Ku'ulei . . . special dinner with my family . . . ice cream cake . . . my heart is full.

I am the richest person in the whole wide world!

I am grateful.


morningDove said...

What a wonderful day! Your art quilt is gorgeous as you had a beautiful subject to work with. Can't wait to see your experimentation.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Dove. I'll post my new experiments here.