Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ribbon Roses--Inchies

(Ribbon Roses, Inchies, fabric, silk ribbon, pearl, 1" x 1")

Here is my first attempt at making "Inchies." Creating a composition to fit onto a one-inch square is challenging, but fun, fun, fun! These Victorian-inspired Inchies have borders that are stitched with gold thread. A pink silk ribbon rose, green leaves, and a pearl are placed within the borders of each Inchie.

These Inchies are part of a series of Inchies I am creating to exchange with a group of friends from my Fabric Postcard Exchange group.


Jill Smith said...

I have kept away from inches becase of the size but yours look so fresh and pretty l think l will have a try, l found a new one on the web call halfinches so they are going around.
Wish l could think of a different we can get addicted to lol

Fannie said...

Hi, Jill,

Thanks for visiting.

Yes, I understand your reluctance. I had second thoughts about swapping. But once I thought it through and made my first set, I'm glad I didn't opt out.

I prefer 1.5" squares.

Half Inchies! Wow.

If you want one of my pink ribbon rose Inchies as a sample and "inspiration," email me your mailing address.