Friday, October 19, 2007

Bear Hugs

On October 17, I mentioned that I designed a stuffed bear pattern several years ago. I wanted to create a bear that was "huggable," was easy to sew, and left lots of "design" space. This bear is constructed with only "four" pattern pieces: front, back, ears and feet. Its arms and legs are flexible, which gives it its "huggable" feature.

Here is one of my earlier prototypes, a Victorian Bear. The fabric is printed flannel, which makes it soft and cuddly. From this photo, you cannot clearly see the simple machine quilting following certain lines of the fabric's images. This bear must be four or five years old.
This is another prototype, my Hawaiian Bear. It is made out of brown cotton fabric that looks like Batik. I quilted the pieces before constructing the bear. A brown kukui nut lei adorns its neck, and a lauhala hat, woven by my mom, rests on its head.

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