Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Flowers and Buttons--Bottle Cap Pincushion

This bottle cap pincushion is made from felt and embellished with crocheted flowers and buttons.


My mom taught me to crochet when I was a little girl. She made pineapple doilies in many different sizes to hide the patched tears and stained spots on our second-hand sofa. The largest-size doily was centered on the back part of the sofa, and the matching medium-size doilies were placed on the armrests. On weekends, relatives from Kona, about an hour's drive away, would stop at our house on the way to the city, which was another half-hour drive from our house. By her example, my mother taught me how to serve. My mom was always prepared with her pot of freshly-brewed coffee and a hot meal. My job was to be sure that the doilies were in place and the floor was swept.

While we created quilt blocks, embroidered, and crocheted, my mother taught me lessons of the heart. She used to say, "Anyone can 'get smart' from books and schools, but what I'm teaching you is not found in books and schools." At that time, I heard her words, but I didn't understand its meaning until I found myself teaching my daughters "heart lessons."

Here is a doily I made about twenty years ago, and it was placed on the armrest of our sofa as decoration.

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