Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hanna's Inchies

These Inchies are for Hanna of Austria. The background is from black and gold fabric, and they are embellished with beads, buttons, and yarn. After receiving a set of Inchies from Hanna, I decided to enhance this set. I added a safety pin with beads, and a few other flourishes.

Click HERE to go to Hanna's blog and see the set of Inchies she sent me.

Hanna inserted her set of Inchies in a wallet. The flap of the wallet was embellished with an Inchie--clever use of an Inchie. I decided to reciprocate with my version of a wallet using a piece of leather felt. Her initial is embroidered on the front flap, and a string of beads and black lace enhances its edge. Hanna reminded me that "presentation" makes a difference.

Click HERE to see the original set of these Inchies from a previous post.

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