Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jacq's Inchies

These Inchies are going to Jacq from Washington. The background is made from cream and gold specked cotton fabric. I used Pellon Peltex 72 as the stabilizer. Each Inchie is unique and is embellished with gold charms, beads, pearls, crystals, a ribbon rose, an embroidered initial, wool fiber, and buttons.

The Inchies will be inserted into the pocket of this wallet. Jacq's initial is machine embroidered on its flap.


Recently Jacq recommended a group called "Surface Design," owned by Joanna.

"This group is for individuals interested in expressing ideas or understanding techniques in an open environment. They explore texture, new techniques, and incorporating all mediums of surface design. They also trade art/fiber postcards incorporating surface design ideas from abstract elements to fiber representations. The group is about sharing ideas."

Yesterday I joined "Surface Design" and hope to expand my fiber art experience by learning from the artists in this group and contributing where I can. Thanks for the recommendation, Jacq!


Jacq said...

I love the inchies, they are so pretty. Your work on them is so very nice. I can't wait to get them. What kind of embroidery machine do you have?

Fannie said...

Hi, Jacq,
I'm glad you like your Inchies.
I have a Bernina.

Cindy said...

Hi Fannie, I am so inspired by your blog! I checked out the Surface Design group and joined just a few minutes ago. I have been looking for a good Fiber Arts group.

I also have a Bernina, she is one of my best friends ;-)

Fannie said...

Hi, Cindy~

I'm glad you found inspiration here. That is one of my main goals.

Hope you enjoy your experience in Surface Design--welcome to the group!

You have many best friends, I'm sure.