Friday, October 12, 2007


Fiber Art Traders announced a "New Trade" on Wednesday.

Mineral water is a refreshing drink especially when adding lots of crushed ice, a squeeze of lemon, and some passion fruit juice. My favorite tropical fruit drink mix recipe is mineral water, regular water, and adding either guava juice, or coconut and pineapple juice (pina colada mix) and . . . vanilla ice cream--yum! Notice I said "vanilla ice cream" without mentioning how many scoops. That was not an oversight. ;-D

Okay, what is the connection between Fiber Art Traders' new trade announcement and mineral water? Think "recycling."
Here is my first pincushion made from the cap of mineral water. Any bottle cap can be used. This just happens to be the bottle cap I had.
I used a piece of my hand-painted fabric to create this pin cushion. It is embellished with two rows of different fancy yarns to resemble the petals of a flower.

Here is a top view of the pincushion.
Here are two more views to show you different perspectives of its size.

It took me about an hour to create this pincushion, which included design time.

Before committing to participate in the trade, I needed to determine how many to trade. The options are one, two, or three pincushions, and the deadline is November 13. Considering my school assignments and my upcoming travel plans, I thought one pincushion would be my limit. However, after creating this, I have changed my mind. I think I will trade . . . three. ;-D

Now, what do I do with all the empty bottles? ;-D Any ideas?


Fiber Art Traders is a yahoo group in which fiber artists trade their various forms of artwork such as Artist Trading Pins, Artist Trading Dolls, purses, Inchies--and bottle cap pincushions. Participation is strictly voluntary. Their group description indicates that Fiber Art Traders is an encouraging group operating in a nurturing environment, which is one of the reasons I joined. This group was created by Normajean Brevik who also serves as "list Mom."

Come join us!

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