Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkin--Art Quilt

(Pumpkin, Art Quilt, Neocolor II, 8" x 10")

This is an attempt to create an art quilt that looks like it was sketched with a pen and painted in with watercolors. Wax crayons were used for the watercolor effect. Swarovski crystals were added randomly throughout the piece to add texture and interest. It was a fun experimental piece.


First, I drew my composition onto muslin with water soluble pen. Next, I painted the design with Neocolor II wax crayons, and using a fan brush and water, I blended the colors.

After it was dry, I placed the piece over an 8" x 10" layer of batting and stitched the outline of the pumpkin with watersoluble thread. After outlining the pumpkin with watersoluble thread, I cut the batting away from the perimeter of the pumpkin. Next, I placed the piece onto another layer of batting, this time 9" x 11", and restitched the outline of the pumpkin using black thread. This technique produces the pumpkin's raised surface and makes it look stuffed.

Next, I fused the piece onto an 8" x 10" piece of Pellon Peltex 72. Then I added the quilting throughout the entire design using more black thread and finished the edges.

Other designs are floating in my mind. They need to be rescued before they float away. Fun, fun, fun!


morningDove said...

I love your floating ideas. It is great to see them come ashore and into reality. Thank you for sharing the technique. morningDove
(ps - I haven't felt "addiction" yet on pincushions but realize I need to perfect a few stitches).

Jacq said...

Your "stuffed" pumpkin is cute. I have tried a little trapunto in the past but nothing as fun as this. Your Neocolor II look like they lend themselves to alot of different uses. Do they need to be heat set to be permanent?

Fannie said...

Hi, Dove,
You're welcome. Sharing is fun.
"Addiction"--there's plenty of other art trades going on. Pincushions just might not be for you right now. That's okay.

Hi, Jacq,
Thanks for looking.
Yes, Necolor II needs to be heat set for permanence.

Bunny in IL said...

Fannie, I LOVE that pumpkin! Bunny