Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Stylistics--Art Quilt

(The Stylistics, Art Quilt, 8" x 10")

Tremayne and I went to a concert last night featuring five groups from the 70's: Heat Wave, Bloodstone, The Emotions, The Dramatics, and The Stylistics. What a treat! The first row closest to the stage had six seats. Guess who were in two of those seats? That's right! We were in Seats No. 3 and No. 4! We were so close, I could see the thread on their costumes. I knew the words to every song, and it was difficult not to reminisce about high school, the drive down the beach, the school dance, or other events that took place when those songs were popular.

I enjoyed all the groups, but I especially enjoyed The Stylistics. I remember playing my "Eight Track" of their album "The Best of the Stylistics" until it died.

This art quilt is a simple composition, and it was inspired by my experience at the concert. The Stylistics' performance was tightly choreographed, and they wore classy suits. Their green slacks, green shirt, and green striped coats were the inspiration for the machine pieced background of my art quilt. Each of The Stylistics wore a gold chain necklace, which is the inspiration for the hanging chain on my quilt. The hanging hearts represent Tremayne and me. The five crystals down the right half of the quilt represent the five bands, and the musical notes are obvious symbols. I overlaid black netting (with purple glitters) over the art quilt, which reminds me of the lighting in the theater.

This art quilt will be framed and will hang in my office to remind me of last night and years past.


This quilt will be renamed "I Love Music" and will be donated to AAQI to help raise funds in support of Alzheimer's research. It is dedicated to Brigitte Haydel and her stepmother, Lillie. Lillie died from Alzheimer's disease.

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