Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Project Update

Houston art quilt sales put me over my "$1,000 Promise" goal. Thanks to everyone who purchased my art quilts. The money earned will directly benefit Alzheimer's research.




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Two of my art quilts are on sale now for $30 each from Ami Simms through the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative project. They will be sold to the first person who places the order for the quilts. Click HERE for purchase information.

(Quilt No. 1448; Ukulele, Kukui Nut Lei, Art Quilt; 4" x 6")

FOR SALE, $30, Click HERE for purchase information.

This fabric postcard is a photograph of my ukulele and kukui nut lei which I use in our Polynesian shows. It is a photo transfer. This piece has no embellishments and has basic quilting around the objects. I thought embellishments and heavy quilting would distract from the simple beauty of the photograph.

(Quilt No. 1449; Ipu, Kukui Nut Lei; 4" x 6")

FOR SALE, $30, Click HERE for purchase information.

This art quilt is a photograph of one of our ipu's, dried gourds. I used this gourd in our Polynesian shows and in my cultural workshops with students in various grade schools throughout Texas.

In Polynesian entertainment, the dried gourd is used as a percussion instrument when the musician or dancer taps the side or bottom with rhythmic beats. In ancient Hawaii, the dried gourd also had a practical use as containers. Today it has many additional uses. The gourd is used to create jewelry, sculpture and other art.

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