Saturday, November 3, 2007

Carol's Inchies

These Inchies are for fellow Texan, Carol. The background fabric is black and gold cotton. Each Inchie is uniquely embellished with beads, buttons, pearls and charms. This is my final set of Inchies for this exchange group.
Carol's wallet.

This set of Inchies started off looking like Tic Tac Toe. After receiving my first set of Inchies from Hanna of Austria, I was inspired to add embellishments.

What Have I Learned?

Participating in this Inchies exchange group has been a learning experience. Working on a small canvas was a challenge in many ways. As this was my first exchange, I was not sure about how to finish the edges. After experimenting, I found that zig zag stitching using a narrow width, between one-eighth and one-sixteenth of an inch, left a nice, clean finish. Several participants finish their Inchies in this fashion. Jacq's and Hanna's stitches are excellent examples.

Although making Inchies (one-inch squares) was a valuable learning experience, I prefer creating PSIs (Plus-Size Inchies), one-and-one-half-inch squares. A quarter-of-an-inch makes a BIG difference.

All of the Inchies I have received from this exchange are unique and miniature treasures. However, the camaraderie that developed among the participants is the most valuable TREASURE.

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morningDove said...

Ok, when I looked at Carol's inchies the phrase that came to me was "Fit for a King, in her case 'Queen'". Elegant, stately, grandiose. But isn't that what Texans do and are?