Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Create" Bear Buddy--Who Wants to Play?


In my world, "Everyone is a Winner." All who enter will receive my "Fabric Postcard Envelope Template" and a few "surprise" goodies for the imaginative artist. To enter, just leave a comment on this post and email me your mailing address.

In addition, two lucky artists will be randomly selected from all of today's entries in a "hat drawing" and receive the following:

FIRST PRIZE--"Create" Bear Buddy

Are you creative and fun? If so, "Create" may be a good "Bear Buddy" for you. "Create" is looking for an artist who likes to use his or her imagination and have fun. His head is a pincushion, and he has a pocket to carry your favorite tools. "Create" will travel to the home of one lucky artist who is randomly selected by a "hat drawing."
Here is "Create" with a pair of scissors.

GRAND PRIZE--"Personalized" Bear Buddy

"Create" has a twin with no name yet. If you are the lucky artist who is randomly selected from all of today's entries, you will be able to name your Bear Buddy, and he will travel to your home to play with you.

Everyone Who Enters Will Receive a


I know this photo of my Fabric Postcard Envelope Template is not the greatest, but at least you get to see an image of what you will receive from today's Play Day.

Many people have emailed asking me where I purchased my fabric postcard envelopes, and some have even offered to purchase these envelopes and/or pattern. So here's your chance!

This envelope will fit up to a 4" x 6" postcard, including extra space for embellishments. My favorite medium is translucent tracing paper. Light-weight vellum is another option. These envelopes provide protection for your treasured postcards while allowing its visibility.

To allow for international play, I will accept all entries until 6:00am tomorrow morning.

Winners will be announced in tomorrow's post.

Thanks to all of my readers/viewers, known and unknown, including "lurkers" ;-D. You have made my blogging experience "extraordinary." Please allow me this chance to express my gratitude to you. Let's play!


morningDove said...

hi fannie: maybe this time I will be a blessed winner. thanks for sending a copy of your envelope template. where do you purchase the translucent paper to make them?

Fannie said...

This may be your time, Dove. Good luck.

Tracing paper from any craft and art supply store. I've used Canson and Strathmore.