Saturday, November 24, 2007

Frostee--Fabric Postcard

(Frostee, Fabric Postcard, 4" x 6")

"Frostee" is flying all the way to Spain to Monica. Hope he doesn't melt. ;-D

He's painted using Neocolor II and thread painted with black thread. The background is stipple quilted with fluorescent thread, a star and crystal embellish his hat, and Diamond Dust is randomly sprinkled to add highlights.

A copy of Frostee was sent to Leslie of Maryland.


morningDove said...

Frosty is so sweet and I love his hat. How do you use the color without it running everywhere?

Fannie said...

I use very little moisture on my brush and blend a section at a time.

Jacq said...

Frosty is very cute, I love the simplicity. I need to get started on Christmas postcards as I have several to do for to exchanges. You are inspiring me.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Jacq. Frostee was fun to create. Glad you are inspired. I look forward to seeing your postcards on your blog. ;-D

Cindy said...

This is soooo cute! I bought a set of 10 Neocolors this afternoon. Hoping to be able to try them out today or tomorrow.

You are an inspirtation!


Fannie said...

I think you'll love them, Cindy. They are so fun to use. I'll watch your blog for your creations.

Enjoy! ;-D