Monday, November 26, 2007

Frostee Jr.--Fabric Postcard

(Frostee Jr., Fabric Postcard, 4" x 6")

Meet "Frostee Jr." He's looking for his sister, Crystal. ;-D

"Frostee Jr." was painted using Neocolor II, thread painted with black thread, machine quilted using irridescent thread, and embellished with buttons and Diamond Dust for highlights and sparkle.
Seeing what my painting looks like before I thread paint and embellish might be helpful for those of you who are trying my Neocolor II painting technique. As you can see, it looks "raw." I call this the "Imagine" stage. ;-D

I focus mainly on trying to establish values using light and dark pigments of each color, and I attempt to give it a washed "watercolor" look by softening the edges. That is accomplished by blending the edges with my fan brush using very little moisture. Hope this helps. Is my explanation clear as "mud" or clear as "snow"? Have fun creating! ;-D


morningDove said...

I would never have guessed it looks like that before thread painting. Now you have encouraged me to try it. Your card is melting; its so hot. Your recipients will want more.

Fannie said...

It's dramatic, isn't it? Thanks for looking. ;-D ;-O ;-V

anna*in*oki said...

Hi Fannie-- I've enjoyed browsing your blog. Your watercolor postcards are wonderful! Can't wait to see one in real life! You've definitely gotten me interested in those neocolors. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing.
Anna (from Post-It #39) in Okinawa

Fannie said...

Hi, Anna~

Thanks for looking and your comments. Are you No. 16?

Glad you found inspiration here! ;-]