Monday, November 5, 2007

Hidden Masterpieces

(Watermelon sculpture, Horizon Food Court, Photo by Tremayne)

One of the benefits of a cruise is the abundance of “tasty” food. The Horizon Court is open “24/7,” and the menu selection is sure to satisfy the vegan diet, the low cholesterol diet, and the “no-restrictions; I-want-everything-please, diet.”

Good food nourishes the body. Physical activity and nourishing food keeps the body strong. A strong body allows a person to lift a growing toddler, carry a sewing machine to the repair center, and run to the next 75 percent off fabric sale. Okay, maybe not 75 percent off.

Learning new techniques, practicing art, studying the masters, observing nature and the world’s colors and sounds, and experiencing life are a few of the many ways an artist can be nourished. In addition to nourishment, an artist needs time to rest and rejuvenate. Rest and rejuvenation can also open one’s mind to new and different discoveries and may lead to innovative and unique creations.

Take some time to regularly nourish your mind, body and soul. Hidden masterpieces may be waiting to be unveiled.

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Ku'ulei said...

Well, here's to rest, rejeuvenation, and to more innovative, unique creations!