Thursday, November 15, 2007

Inchies from morningDove

This set of Inchies are from morningDove. Each charm was thoughtfully selected and has meaning to the both of us. Dove's zig zag stitching around the edges of each Inchie is flawless. I guess I notice the edges of these Inchies because I had trouble stitching a neat edge around my set of these "tiny" squares. I have since learned to stitch along the four sides of a one-inch by six-inch length of sandwiched background, cut that apart into one-inch squares, and complete the zig zag edging on the remaining sides.

One of the benefits of participating in an exchange group is learning from each other. I have learned many tips and techniques from this exchange group. Thanks for this set of Inchies, Dove.


morningDove said...

Oh Fannie: you got me again. I didn't expect today would be the post of my inchies. Tears from the heart, joyful memories stored in my brain bank. I am thankful I met you online in this group. Have a super day.

Fannie said...

You are special, Dove! Glad to have met you too.