Friday, November 9, 2007

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sunset at Puerto Vallarta, Photograph by Tremayne

Puerto Vallarta was a small and remote agricultural village until the early 1960s. Today it is one of the fastest-growing seaside resorts in North America. Its resident population is approximately 250,000.

Blogging on Vacation

Choosing a piece of art and writing a post about it each day during my vacation has been stimulating. At home I have my fabric, sewing machine, threads, and other tools to produce almost any art piece, and writing about it is easy. However, writing about another artist’s artwork is not easy because it requires research. Nevertheless, it is fun.

Native American Art

There is no word for “art” in any Native American language. The artworks produced were either practical items or objects associated with ceremony and ritual. “Wooden masks portray gods, animals, and mythological heroes whose powers were channeled in tribal ceremonies and sacred rites” (Fiero 254). Portrait masks of spirits and ancestors fashioned in wood worked to help the shaman or healer cure the sick, exorcise evil spirits, and predict future events.

This is a wooden mask I purchased in Puerto Vallarta. Although this image depicts an ornamental mask, it is a good representation of a Native American mask that might have been used in tribal ceremonies or sacred rites.

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