Thursday, November 1, 2007

Roses from Tremayne--Reflecting

My enjoyment of flowers and gardening probably stemmed from growing up in Hawaii. It was only after I moved away from the islands that I truly appreciated the simple beauty and joy that come from a bouquet. Memories of special occasions are easily triggered by its perfume. Somehow flowers make me think of my youth, swimming at Laupahoehoe Beach Park, and playing the ukulele. Flowers smell like "home."

When we were younger and with limited finances and space, I attempted to grow my own flowers. However, I was not successful. Gardening required skills that I had yet to learn. In Hawaii, the flowers seemed to grow by themselves. Tremayne would often say, "Someday you'll have a garden of flowers." Until then, he would occasionally stop by the local grocer's on his way home from work, and surprise me with a carnation. Tremayne always understood.

Now he brings home flowers on any occasion and many times without occasion. Today is my birthday, but he brought these flowers home a few days ago because I was excited about an event. When I mentioned that I didn't know what I was going to publish today, he suggested my Rose Bouquet. Tremayne always understood.

Click HERE to see a fabric postcard I received from a good friend, Jacq, who celebrates this day too.


Bunny in IL said...

Happy Birthday, Fannie! You have been blessed with Tremayne. You have been blessed with beautiful flowers. May your many blessings continue to fill your heart and soul with joy - and imagination and creativity and inspiration. Bunny

Fannie said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and sentiments, Bunny.

I am also blessed with good friends like you.

Jacq said...

Happy Happy Birthday. I am so glad that I get to share this day with you. My husband volunteers at the hospital on Thursdays, but this week he trade. I think we are off to check on the Pacific Ocean and make sure it is still there. Will let you know.

Fannie said...

Happy Birthday to you, Jacq. I'm glad we share this day too. Enjoy your day "checking on the Pacific Ocean."

morningDove said...

Two for the price of one. I love the reflection of your flowers in the beautiful mirror. Your flowers' beauty does not compare to the beauty in you. Here's to many more years of togetherness with Tremayne and expanding your artistic abilities. Although I can not imagine where you would go because your beauty is truly reflected in all your different medium that you work in now. Thank you for sharing your life with me. Born to Create,Happy Birth-day,

Anonymous said...

Hauoli La Hanau! :) You are special. Lub yous!! ~ipo