Saturday, November 17, 2007

Seeing With The Third Eye

Framing objects, especially moving objects, in a camera lens is one of the fun and challenging aspects of photography, one of my other hobbies. Oftentimes it is a matter of timing and/or luck. But when you finally get "that" picture, it is exciting! However, sometimes--like life--no matter how long and hard you try, you may not get that "perfect" shot.

This seagull was flying overhead just outside my balcony on my recent trip to Mexico. Trying to anticipate his movements while framing him in the picture was tricky. It's as if the seagull and I had become dance partners, and the seagull was the lead. This is one of five shots I took that morning, and it is an unedited image of "my" seagull.After cropping and rotating this photograph, I changed his direction to fit my needs for a previous post titled "Experience Your Imagination." Here he is soaring upward toward new heights. Although I did not capture that "perfect" picture, using my imagination and my handy computer, I created a different kind of "perfect" image.Here is another example. This is a "nice" random snapshot of the beach, . . . nothing fantastic,. . .no focal point, . . . a nice memory shot.

With the help of my computer, I was able to create a photograph that captured the culture of Mexico, and its innocence. This photo was also a part of my previous post, "Experience Your Imagination."
The seagull and beach scene are two random snapshots that became a part of an article. Photography, painting, sculpting, and sewing are different types of art media, which uses different techniques. "Imagination" and seeing with the "third eye" is a part of the creative process.

Here are some pieces of beautiful hand-dyed wool.

What do you see?


morningDove said...

The green piece with band across reminds me of a jumper I wore in high school. Funny how something can remind of many days since past.

Fannie said...

Pictures can be powerful memory joggers.

The green and yellow remind me of carpets and kitchen appliances. ;-D