Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tag Booklet--The Artists Circle Online Workshop--WIP

Tag 1: Green and Red; Tag 2: Yellow and Blue; Tag 3: Purple and Yellow

I recently joined a yahoo group called "The Artists Circle." This group offers online workshops allowing the participants to experiment with new and unique products by creating different works of art. These three tags are for the "Tag Booklet" workshop. I have no idea what the end result will be. I'm just playing along following the step-by-step instructions and hope that what I'm doing will turn out okay. I prefer to know where I'll end up because that information helps me make choices along the way. However, I enjoy and welcome the experience of learning new techniques and new processes.

The first step in creating these tags was to layer several washes of diluted coffee to stain the ivory colored tags. After it was dry, I added several washes of pigment using Neocolor II, and sprinkled table salt over its surface. I wonder what Step No. 3 will be?

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