Wednesday, December 5, 2007

ATC Angel Doll Trade--Fiber Art Traders

I must have burned thousands of brain cells working on the structure of this ATC Angel Doll exchange for Fiber Art Traders (FAT) trying to get it just right. This is a "Heart ATC."

When it's opened, it's an "Angel Doll ATC."

I made three of these Angel Dolls for trade. We will be notified of our trade partners on December 13.

The image of the angel is from Click Art software by Broderbund titled "Celebrations & Holidays." If you like Victorian-style images, you'll enjoy this CD.

"Angel Doll" is a photo transfer onto fabric which was then fused onto Pellon Peltex 70 (one-sided fusible). The wings are embellished with Angelina fiber and crystals, and they're attached to the ATC base using brads.


Cindy said...

I see where those thousands of brain cells went...this is really gorgeous. And very complex if you didn't have a pattern.


DeBee (Debbie in Oregon) said...

Oh, Fannie! You did an excellent job! I'm sure your brain cells will regenerate quickly and probably multiply!
Not only is it a heart (you know I'm working on hearts this year), but it is open-able! I've told no one, but I have been mulling several ideas in my head for a Christmas exchange I'm due to mail out this weekend. I'm either doing a Christmas star or Christmas tree that will more or less pop-out of the card.
How do you secure the wings for mailing? I'm still crunching my brain cells over how to keep it together through the post (especially overseas) but still easy to open (and stay open) once it arrives.

Keep up the inspiration!

Jacq said...

Your Angel is beautiful. the way the wings open up is very clever. You are giving me ideas.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Cindy. Yes, this was fun to create. I didn't have a pattern, but I do now. ;-D So many ideas . . .

Hi, Jacq. Can't wait to see what you create.

Fannie said...

I hope you post an image of your creation on your blog. I want to see it.
Yes, you and hearts go together.
If your artwork is fragile, I would recommend you carefully secure it in bubble wrap and place it in a strong box marked
"FRAGILE." Good luck!