Saturday, December 22, 2007

Frostee Jr's Search

Frostee Jr. strolled down Candy Cane Court and curiously conceived that Crystal could be at Cindee's "Color On" Fine Art Studio taking a colored pencil class. ;-D

Cindee told Frostee Jr. that Crystal was there, but she left hours ago. An intuitive teacher, Cindee knew Frostee Jr. was sad. So she gave him a candy cane, lots of encouragement, and sent him on his way. Frostee Jr. thought that Cindee must be a very good teacher.

Frostee Jr. left Candy Cane Court and turned right onto Exchange Avenue. There he met Crystal's friends DeBee, who was looking for buttons; Stephanie, who was playing with Neocolors; and Anna, who was eating Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nut Candies. Anna told Frostee Jr. that Crystal was headed towards Wild Thymes Lane.


morningDove said...

Hi Fannie: I love your rose-colored glasses. And the saga continues, which I love to read.

Fannie Narte said...

How did you know I was portraying "rose-colored glasses"? ?!!!?

morningDove said...

great minds think alike. lol

Fannie said...