Friday, December 14, 2007

The Gift

Last night I spent most of the evening working on an essay. When I woke up this morning and headed to the office, I was greeted by this tree sitting on "my Christmas tree ledge" above our entryway. Tremayne managed to put the tree up without my hearing any noise--or I was so engrossed in writing that I didn't hear any noise, probably the latter.

As you can see, it needs loving touches, straightening its branches. But I was reflecting . . . again . . . about how fortunate I am to have a thoughtful husband. He knows that I like having a lighted Christmas tree in that spot each Christmas, and I was too busy to get to it. So he set it up last night, as sneaky as a Santa, so that all I needed to do was add my loving touches. He also knew it would be a welcome sight, sort of a celebratory gift, after having finished my finals and completing this semester. He was right.
Here is a photo of our other Christmas tree in the family room which was photographed from the second level. I thought this was a good shot and appropriate for this post as it highlights--"reflection."

Merry Christmas!
Mele Kalikimaka!

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Ku'ulei said...

Nice! Such a nice post. Very thoughtful of him & rewarding for you. :)