Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Wreath

Here's a holiday wreath you can make in a couple of hours. The base of this pillow wreath is a green lacquered wire raised wreath, which is 14 inches in diameter, and it can be purchased from the floral department in most craft stores. Each pillow is made from white/gold tissue lame, which is usually found in the "costume fabric" department, and it is 3 inches by 4 inches, which includes a quarter-inch seam allowance. I added a piece of pine garland to the back and randomly wove its branches between and around the pillows. Each pillow is tied onto the wire base with raffia.

Create your own unique wreaths around a celebration or theme by sewing pillows from selected fabrics. Some pillows are made from two different fabrics, a solid fabric on one side and a printed fabric on the other side. The possibilities are endless.

Some pillows are not stuffed. My pillows are generously stuffed with 100 percent polyester stuffing. There are also a variety of ways to secure the pillows to the wire base: satin ribbons, string, yarn, embroidery floss, twine, vinyl or leather cords--use your imagination.

Front and Back Views

  • Place two 3-by-4-inch pieces of fabric right sides together and stitch a quarter-inch from the edge around all four sides.

  • Carefully cut an "X" on "one" of the sides as shown in the "Back View" above. Depending on the type of fabric you use, you may want to trim the corners. However, for delicate fabrics that fray easily like the Lame' I used here, I would not recommend trimming the corners.

  • Turn each pillow right side out.

  • Stuff each pillow.

  • Tie each pillow to the wire base according to your preference.
There are forty-four stuffed pillows in my wreath that were randomly placed on each of the three concentric rows of the circular wire base.



Catherine said...

This is superb, Fanny ! Congratulations !
You are very talented and not only when you use your color pencils !
I wish you a nice weekend !

Fannie said...

Hi, Catherine~
You have a great weekend too. Christmas will be here soon. Thanks for looking.

Jacq said...

Your wreath is really nice. I shall keep the directions for next year.

Fannie said...

Hi, Jacq~
This was really easy to make. I'm sure you'll enjoy creating one...for next year. ;-D

It's almost Christmas!