Saturday, December 8, 2007

Merry Christmas--Fabric Postcard

(Merry Christmas, Fabric Postcard, 4" x 6")

Frostee Jr. went looking for his sister, Crystal, at Bunny's gingerbread cottage, but she was gone by the time he got there. Bunny told him that Crystal was going to visit her friend Jacq. Jacq and Crystal celebrate the same birthday as Bo Bice, (Harold Elwin "Bo" Bice, Jr.), who came in second in the fourth season of American Idol. Besides sharing the same birthdays, Jacq and Crystal share the love of creating and exchanging fiber art.

Unfortunately, when Frostee Jr. arrived at Jacq's house, Crystal had come and gone. However, he saw the big red gift that Crystal left for Jacq. Where could Crystal have gone now?


morningDove said...

You have a new name. I love it. That's a big present. I can't wait to see what Crytal gave Jacq.

Fannie said...

Who has a new name? ;-D

You may find out what Crystal gave Jacq sooner than you think. ??? ;-D

Thanks for playing.

Jacq said...

Crystal was here, we had a nice visit and then she headed out and was happy the flood waters had gone down. After something to drink, Frostee Jr. was also on his way. Good thing the weather has turned cold.

Fannie said...

Hi, Jacq~
Yes, Crystal "told" me she had a nice visit with you. She had a little trouble with the weather, though. Frostee Jr. knew he would find hospitality at your home. Fun!