Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snowman 2

This is the same snowman I created in a previous post, but the background is one piece of blue fabric instead of woven pieces of fabric. In addition, the snowman's scarf is light blue and the shadow below him is different. The background is machine stipple quilted with irridescent thread, and a crystal highlights his black hat. This is another postcard for my exchange group.

Did You Know?

"Angus, King of the Mountain," constructed in Bethel, Maine in honor of their governor, is the world's tallest snowman, and is documented in the Guinness World Records. The community of Bethel, including their governor, Angus King, and the crew from "Good Morning America" taped a short segment on Bethel's achievement which aired on February 19, 1999." The article does not state how long it took to construct the snowman, but the official "melt date" was recorded as June 10, 1999, four months after its construction.

"Some interesting statistics about this snowman:
  • Height 113 ft. & 7 inches tall
  • 9,000,000 lbs
  • 200,000 cubic feet of snow
  • 4 ft. wreathes as eyes
  • 6 ft. of chicken wire & muslin for the carrot nose
  • 6 automobile tires as the mouth
  • 20 ft. fleece hat
  • 120 ft. fleece scarf
  • 3 skidder tires for the buttons
  • 2 - 10 ft. trees for arms"
"Speculation exists as to how long Bethel may hold this record as Japan has indicated that they will attempt to build a larger, taller snowman." After some research on the web, it seems that Bethel still holds the record.

Article "Angus, King of the Mountain," is written by Cynthia Hough and can be found at this link:


Jacq said...

This snowman is also really cute. Thanks for the info about Angus, you always have such interesting stories to share. I shall pass it on.

Fannie said...

Thanks Jacq. You never know when the information you read on my blog will come in handy. ??? ;-D

anna*in*oki said...

I agree, always something interesting to see/learn here! Fannie, your Christmas chocolates arrived today and the kids and I have already enjoyed a sampling. What a lovely thought! Thanks so much for your kindness!

morningDove said...

Your snowman info is interesting esp. since I am in hot weather. Christmas decorations are interesting here. Barbados homes redecorate the entire home including buying new appliances.

Fannie said...

Hi, Anna. I'm glad you find this post interesting. Sometimes I'm philosophical or reflective, sometimes I "attempt" humor, and sometimes I'm playful or goofy. Where is Crystal? ;-D
Thanks for your service, enjoy the sweets.

Dove, travel enriches our lives and reveals different and interesting perspectives, doesn't it. I've enjoyed reading your travel posts.