Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tag Booklet--The Artists Circle Online Workshop--WIP

Tag 1: Aqua and gold; Tag 2: Pink, silver and gold; Tag 3: Aqua, pink and gold

This is the third set of three coffee-stained tags in this workshop. Here we used a marbling technique using shaving cream and paints.

Using the remainder of the same paints shown above, I marbled plain ivory tags (without the coffee stain) so you could see the contrast between the two.

Marbled Stationery
I added pink and silver paints to the remaining shaving cream to create this greeting card and matching envelope.


Cindy said...

These are lovely. I have seen the shaving cream technique, but does it leave a residue on the paper?

I used to love using coffee and tea to stain quilt's such a great look.

Fannie said...

It does leave a residue on the paper. However, it can be scraped or wiped off. Depending on the kind of paint you use, you may be able to rinse it off too. These look great, but they are not archival-safe. I need to play with these more and test its permanence after spraying a finish etc.
Thanks for looking. 8-D

Jacq said...

Your tags, card and envelope are wonderful.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Jacq. The colors I used on these tags were inspired by your pink tags.

morningDove said...

Your pink reminds me of peppermint, its soft and flowing. I would like to lick it, lol, taste and sniff here (peppermint oil).I see the last tag step is posted today. Where is Crystal? boy is it hard to balance all the projects. I'm slowing down, preparing to leave after next week.

Fannie said...

Maybe Frostee Jr. will find Crystal before you leave on your trip next week. The saga continues in tomorrow's post.