Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tag Booklet--The Artists Circle Online Workshop--WIP

Left to Right: Tag 1-yellow and purple; Tag 2-green and purple; Tag 3-red and purple

In this step, dye ink from a rubber stamp dye ink pad was applied over these coffee stained tags. The dye ink was applied using a piece of batting approximately 5" x 7" in size and "scrunched"--this really is a word--into a ball. I patted the ink randomly over the tag's surface giving it a soft effect.

A Big Welcome to Aussie Sally who just joined The Artists Circle. I noticed there were several new members who recently joined so you're not alone. The steps require time, but they're easy. I'm sure you'll catch up quickly. I've fallen behind two steps and also need to catch up. You may need to pull me along.


Jacq said...

I like your tags. I think I better get working on mine.

Fannie said...

The dye ink is my favorite so far. What's yours? I need to buy gesso to complete my next step.