Sunday, December 23, 2007

Where is Crystal?

Frostee Jr. left Exchange Avenue and turned right onto Wild Thymes Lane and went to Barb's Wool Studio. Barb told Frostee Jr. that Crystal was there, but she left in a hurry. Again Frostee Jr. was sad. Before leaving, Barb gave him a wool scarf and a wool hat to cheer him.

Frostee Jr. left Wild Thymes Lane and walked past the large Skating Rink and turned left onto Tokyo Drive. There he found Crystal's friend "Misuzu." Misuzu told Frostee Jr. that Crystal visited her two days ago, and she smiled and gave him a picture of her city.

Will Frostee Jr. find Crystal before Christmas?


morningDove said...

Could it be your new story will have something to do with rose-colored glasses? I would have taken Crystal with me but she might have melted in that temp.

Fannie said...

As far as how we perceive ideas, yes.

Yes, Crystal would have melted. Thanks for your consideration. ;-b