Sunday, January 13, 2008

Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder, (2.5" x 4.5")
Fannie Narte
Photographed by Ku’ulei

This is a small project Barb Cribb of Wild Thymes Pattern Company designed for function but also to see if you like the art of wool applique. It is fast and easy to construct. When the needle goes through the wool, it feels like butter--smooth. I enjoyed working on this piece and may work on another "mini" kit.


Jacq said...

Your card holder is really nice. It is always fun to have a fast and easy project to work on. For me, it is something about instant satisfaction.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful piece, Fanny ! I hope to see more of your "mini kits" !

Cindy said...

Very clever design for business cards. Love the colors you picked, and your handstitching looks lovely.

Fannie said...

Jacq, this really was easy. However, I'm afraid that my hand stitching needs some work. Not bad for a first try.

Thanks for looking, Catherine.

Cindy, hand stitching through buttery wool is an art in itself. Getting the stitches even is difficult and requires practice--kind of like painting with watercolors.