Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"F" is for "Feracious"

Coaster, (4" x 4")
Photographed by Ku'ulei

"F" is for "Feracious." Feracious: producing abundantly; prolific, fruitful.

Imagine, Create, Inspire was born on Friday the 13th in July of 2007. At that time, I set a personal goal to publish each day for one hundred consecutive days including 80 pieces of artwork. This is my 173rd consecutive post, and I've produced 149 original pieces of art, 87 percent.

Why did I set such ambitious goals? Simply put--"inexperience." On the other hand, I thrive against challenges.

How did I achieve these goals? One post at a time. For me, creating and writing is more of a lifestyle rather than hobbies. "Fun" is a key element.

Other elements for success are "Preparation" and "Plan." Preparing for unexpected interruptions by creating a plan is necessary. I had anywhere from two to five "draft posts," including accompanying photos of artworks, saved in my "Posting" module on an ongoing basis. These posts saved me many times when I was inundated with school assignments, was sick, was traveling, or was just feeling "blah."

Statistics show that most blogs fade or disappear within the first three months. I believe that statistics are helpful in discovering trends, but they do not determine results. Success is achieved by hard work and focus, and one should not allow statistics to determine one's future.

What is in your future? Do you have a plan?

My future is filled with "F's." "F" is for Fun, Family, Friends, Fun, Fudge, Feeling, Fun, Fables, FAT--Fiber Art Traders, Fun, Focus, Food, and "Feraciousness."

I wish you a Successful and Feracious New Year!

The pattern for this coaster is by Rita Weiss and can be found in her book titled "Learn To Do Filet Crochet In Just One Day." I find that mapping out the design on graph paper makes the project easier.


morningDove said...

I am so spontaneous if I ever had one post in my draft as a backup you would think the world was coming to an end. But you have given me a challenge. Work ahead, be prepared. thanks for the advice, fun,friendly,forger,famous,flexible,fascinating,fabulous,fabric-making,flawless Fannie

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your 173rd consecutive post, and your 149 new pieces of art!

You truly are an inspiration!

"F" is for fortunate, which is what I am to be able to say you're my friend!

beadbabe49 said...

lovely new years post and thanks for the new word!

Jacq said...

Thanks for the good thoughts to start the New Year. "Fabulous Fannie" comes to mind. I look forward to this next year and my friendship with you. You have become a good friend and I thank god that you have come my way.

Fannie said...

World coming to an end--funny, Dove.
If you remove: forger, famous, flexible, fascinating, fabulous, fabric-making, and flawless, I'd say you're pretty accurate. Congratulations to you, too, Dove. How many consecutive daily posts for you?

Fannie said...

Hi, Cindy. Fortune and Friendship smiles two ways! "F" is also for "fair-minded." I appreciate your "Feedback" and guidance.

Fannie said...

Welcome, beadbabe49. I'm glad you enjoyed my first post of 2008. I visited your site. "F" is for "Flawless" and "Fine"--Your bead work is intricately amazing. Thanks for visiting.

Fannie said...

Hi, Jacq. "F" is for "Faithful Friends." Where would we be without "fabric" postcards? I, too, am grateful.