Thursday, January 10, 2008

Neocolor II Watersoluble Wax Pastels Update

I've updated yesterday's post to include the identification of the colors included in the Set of 30 and the Gift Set of 126 Neocolor II crayons. Forty-four new colors have been added to the Set of 84 Neocolor II crayons to make the Gift Set of 126 with two exceptions: Dunkelbeige and Turquoise--two crayons that are included in the Set of 84--have been eliminated from the Set of 126.

This information can also be found in my Squidoo Lens titled "Creating Art Using 'Neocolor II Watersoluble Wax Pastels," which is dedicated to my works and research regarding Neocolor II. If you visit my lens, feel free to leave comments letting me know what you like about the information presented, what information you would like included in the lens, and rate my lens. Your comments and rating will help improve and "validate" me--I mean, will help improve and "validate" my work. ;-D Ha, ha!

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