Sunday, January 20, 2008

Placemat Purse

My granddaughter, Kiki, recently discovered purses. The last time she came to play with Mimies (and Papa), she daintily walked into our house wearing a pink outfit and a pink purse dangling from her hooked arm. She opened up her purse and showed me her sunglasses and her pink cell phone! We went to the pantry (one of her favorite hangouts) and selected special pink-less cookies and treats to put in her pink purse.

When it was time to leave, she picked up my purse that was laying on a chair near the entryway, hung it on her hooked arm, and walked towards the front door to go home.

"F" is for "Fun" with "Family"!

This purse was made from a placemat. Trims and removable handles were added. It was easy to sew. I couldn't stop at one. They make great personalized gifts.


Cindy said...

Who wouldn't want to "walk off" with this purse! My granddaughter, Opal, is 15 months old and has a pink purse she got for Christmas. She still toddles with that purse over her arm.

I'll bet Kiki loves to come to your house!

Sandra Evertson said...

Love. love. love all of your artwork!
Sandra Evertson

Jacq said...

Aren't grandaughters the best. What fun you must have with her. How old is she?

Fannie said...

I'm sure Opal is cute swinging that pink purse on her arm. What does Grandma put in her purse? This is a fun season, isn't it, Cindy?

Welcome, Sandra. Nice to meet you. I visited your blog. Such an accomplished artist. I enjoyed reading your posts. You're a clever writer quickly pulling the reader into your story. Hope to see you here again.

Granddaughters are great, Jacq. Kiki (Kiana) is 17 months.