Saturday, January 12, 2008

Purple and Turquoise Dyed Socks

"The Comment Module"

New technology and the blogosphere allow anyone everywhere to communicate on a global basis at any time of any day. One can ask questions of a blogger or leave words of encouragement to a post easily with the click of a button. I'm sure I speak for most bloggers when I say that comments are much appreciated and encouraged.

The "comment module" is the window in which one types his or her comments. The "comment module" window is opened by clicking on "COMMENTS," which is located at the end of each post on a blog. I've added hyperlinks in this article, but you can scroll down to the end of this post and click on "COMMENTS" to see how it works and to see the information provided in the module.

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Michelle's Gift

When I made a comment on Michelle's blog, “Michelle’s Stitch and Paint Spot,” I didn’t know she was running a contest. So when she emailed me to let me know that I won, I was pleasantly surprised. Today is Michelle’s birthday, a timely event for my post on her generous gift.

Purple and Turquoise Socks, Hand Dyed by Michelle Bonds

This is the pair of colorful socks I received, which Michelle specially dyed with my favorite colors. Michelle graciously shared her dyeing process using Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes. Here is her tutorial:

Buy socks with as much cotton content as you can find (I think the ones I used are 82 percent). Prewash the socks and soak in soda ash solution for at least fifteen minutes. You can dye socks any way you like, but my two favorite methods are:

1. Place socks in a Styrofoam container (such as a takeout container). Use a syringe to squirt the dye (premixed with water) on the socks randomly until the socks are covered. Close container and let dye set for at least six hours. Rinse in cold water, then wash with Synthrapol in hot water and dry.

2. Choose two dye colors. Put about ½ cup dye (premixed with water) into a quart-size freezer bag. Put socks in and pour ½ cup of second dye color onto the socks (choose two colors that will mix well). Squish the socks (technical term!) until they are covered with dye. Let set for six hours. Rinse in cold water, then wash with Synthrapol in hot water and dry.

Glossary and Links

Soda Ash: When dyeing with Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes the project must be "fixed" or made permanent with soda ash.

Synthrapol: Prewashing in Synthrapol is highly recommended and helps remove invisible lubricants, fingerprints, dirt, oil, and other impurities that can interfere with the dye and cause uneven dyeing. Using Synthrapol as the afterwash keeps loose dye particles in suspension so they don't stain other areas of the fabric.

Dharma Trading Company: Dyeing Techniques, Dyes, Tools, Paints, Books, Markers, Resists.

About Michelle

Michelle started quilting in 1990, and she also enjoys pastel, watercolor and acrylic painting. Although she enjoys working with mixed media, she states that her favorite medium is fiber. Her article, “Make a Charming Paper Towel Pendant,” Issue #60, was recently published in the online “Cloth Paper Scissors Embellishments” e-newsletter, by Quilting Arts. Michelle started blogging in February 2007. When asked if she had any blogging goals for 2008, she replied, “Hopefully I will be able to provide a few tutorials this year. I would like to increase the readership of my blog.”

Happy Birthday, Michelle! I hope you achieve all of your goals.


morningDove said...

Your socks are great. Michelle is as sweety. I bought one of her bottle cap necklaces for son's girlfriend. Thanks for the blogger info in the beginning although I don't understand it all. so slow in tech stuff.

Fannie said...

Okay, Dove. I updated the "tech stuff." I hope it's clearer than mud now. ;-D

Jacq said...

The sock are wonderful, lucky you. Thanks for the tutorial as I thought this would be fun to do with my grandaughter.

Cindy said...

Love the sock must love to go to the mailbox!

Fannie said...

Yes, I feel fortunate, Jacq. This is a great project for you and your granddaughter. Have fun!

The sock colors are fun, aren't they, Cindy? Between the postcards from my exchange group and gifts from generous friends, the daily walk to the mailbox is fun.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Fannie! :)

Fannie said...

You're welcome, Michelle. What did you do for your birthday?