Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Color Charts

These are a few "crude" color charts of my Neocolor II wax pastels. I scribbled the colors onto white muslin, which is the fabric I use for my watercolor paintings, blended them with water, let them dry and heat set them. These charts help me determine what color I want to use in my artwork. The colors are from the Set of 84, and these charts represent a little less than half of the colors in the set.

Left column: Bordeaux Red, Indian Red, Raspberry Red, Carmine, Ruby Red; Right column: Scarlet, Venetian Red, English Red, Reddish Orange, Vermilion.

Left column: Salmon Pink, Pink, Salmon, Orangish Yellow, Golden Yellow; Right column: Orange, Flame Red, Canary Yellow, Yellow, Naples Yellow.

Left column: Pale Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Light Ochre, Golden Ochre, Ochre; Right column: Green Ochre, Lime Green, Light Green, Spring Green, Yellow Green.

Left column: Empire Green, Moss Green, Bluish Green, Emerald Green, Greenish Blue; Right column: Grass Green, Dark Green, Veronese Green, Jade Green, Light Olive.

I hope you find this information useful.


Regina Gansen Rooks said...

I'm having color envy. : )
I have the set of 30. I made myself a chart on watercolor paper when I got them, but I like your idea of doing it on muslin, since I do use them on cloth, too.

Fannie said...

The set of 30 is a great collection with many "yummy" colors.

Creating a color chart on the surface you use--fabric, watercolor paper, etc.--will help you make color choices and allow the creative process to continue without "too much" interruption such as choosing colors.

I'm glad you found this post useful. Sometimes what may seem relevant to me, oftentimes are not interesting to others.

morningDove said...