Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"From Free Hearts," by Virginia Spiegel

"From Free Hearts," ATC by Virginia Spiegel

I received this ATC from Virginia in the mail today. She's fast!

I was surprised to learn that I was getting an ATC for submitting a collage to the Collage Mania II project. Virginia is putting her "He-ART" and soul into this major undertaking.

The first 50 artists whose JPEGs are accepted receive an ATC of their choice. All artists accepted after the first 50 will be entered in a drawing for the last ten ATCs.

Click HERE to see the collage I submitted.

"From Free Hearts" is a message that describes Virginia and everyone who donate their time, talent, energy and goods to the benefit of others. Thanks for the ATC, and its meaningful message, Virginia!


Virginia Spiegel said...

Fannie - Thanks go to you and all the other artists who are giving so freely of their time and talent! Only 3 ATCS left before the remaining ten are reserved for all other artists.

Glad you like your ATC. The background is a screenprint from a photo I took of a fern, but it looked like hearts to me.

Fannie said...

Excellent news, Virginia! Much success to you and your wonderful projects on FFAC.

I wondered how you created the ATC. Thanks for your explanation. A treasured piece!