Sunday, February 17, 2008


Geisha, Embroidery, (5" x 7")
Fannie Narte


This piece was almost "Trashed"! While cleaning one of my closets and designating items into one of three piles: "Donate," "Trash," and "Keep," I placed a framed print with a broken glass and frame in the "Trash" pile. Before placing the throw-away items into a garbage bag, I decided to keep the print that was in the broken frame. "Geisha" is what I discovered behind that print. This was my first embroidered piece which I completed over twenty-five years ago. It feels like I unearthed an ancient scroll. What if I didn't want to keep the print?


Rediscovering art, renewed appreciation of art--these ideas have symbolic meanings that could apply to other areas in one's life. If you substitute an idea for the word "art" such as "hobbies," you get: Rediscovering hobbies, renewed appreciation of hobbies. I rediscovered the joy of "doodling" with crayons, colored pencils and charcoal after my art was replaced with the "busy-ness" of motherhood for many years.

Now, suppose the words "friendships" or "family" were substitued for "art"?


morningDove said...

Beauty then, beautiful now. I am so glad you found this piece to share with the world. If not some lucky trash carrier may have found her. Life is Art, yes indeed. thanks for reminding me.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Dove. Someday it will be your turn to remind me that Life is Art, and I will be grateful.

Jacq said...

How wonderful to discover your treasure. It is always good to be reminded of where we have been, I think it helps us figure out where we are going.

Fannie said...

I agree, Jacq. I think it also reveals growth--or lack of growth. Anyway, either one moves us forward.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Fannie. Amazing how we find eachother -- across the miles. You found me - now I found you. I am going to link to your site (if that's okay) because I so appreciate your insight into the intertwining of "love" "family" and "art." Yes - you can substitute each of these in a thought, or idea for another and it still makes "oh so much sense." Thank "you" - for being an inspiration!

Fannie said...

Hi, Cathie~
Isn't it amazing how friendships are formed on a global basis because of new technology? Sure you may link to my blog. I'll be watching you.