Saturday, February 23, 2008

"If I Create From the Heart..."

"If I Create From the Heart..." by Linda Hartzig, (4" x 6")
Fiber Art Traders, Poetic Postcard Exchange
Photographed by

If I create from the heart,
nearly everything works;
If from the head, almost nothing.
~Marc Chagall~

Linda is from South Carolina. It looks like she used a piece of hand-dyed fabric or Batik for the background. Geometric shapes are cut from paper and fabrics and fused onto the background. Her stitching over the piece provides movement. She finished the edges by zigzagging over a string of yarn. The quote by Chagall was printed onto fabric and fused onto the postcard.

Chagall's quote is something I try to keep in mind most of the time. However, sometimes I get trapped in the technicality of design elements and composition, and I second-guess my instinctive ideas. This can be paralyzing and frustrating at times. When this happens, I put my work aside, take a break, and have some chocolates. ;-D Kidding...maybe.

Great card, Linda. Thanks!

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