Monday, February 25, 2008

"Imagine"--Collage Mania

"Imagine," Collage, Fabric, Paper, (8" x 10")
Fannie Narte


The focal point of "Imagine" is a fabric postcard similar in design to the one I created for a trade with Susan Lenz titled "In the Shadows." This collage was constructed on mat board and has many layers. The first two layers are beautiful handmade papers: the first layer is deep purple and gold, and the second piece below the postcard has a gold tone-on-tone design.

Two units are mounted onto this surface: a fabric postcard, and the collage's title, "Imagine."


Fabric Postcard: The base of the fabric postcard is Pellon Peltex 72. Cream colored, gold specked fabric, which was quilted using my favorite wood grain thread sketching, provides the background for the multi-colored leaf (purple, green and shades of brown) and the shadow leaf made from black paper. They were fused and stitched onto the postcard. Two Swarovski crystals were added to the stem of the black leaf. Two layers of handmade paper (gold and cream-colored mulberry paper) frame the postcard. This unit is mounted onto a black 5" x 7" mat board. The 5" x 7" unit was then secured onto the 8" x 10" base using acid free glue.

TITLE UNIT--"Imagine"

Title Unit: A piece of cream colored mulberry handmade paper was fused onto a 1" x 6" piece of Pellon Peltex 72. All of the edges of the handmade papers in "Imagine," including this unit, were brushed with water, and its fibers were gently pulled away. Bronze alphabet charms spell the collage's title, "Imagine."


"Imagine" is donated in memory of my father, who passed from lung cancer.

May 5 and 6, 2008

This piece was donated to the Collage Mania II project, which is organized and managed by Virginia A. Spiegel and her team of supporters, to benefit The American Cancer Society. Collage Mania II is one of several projects under the umbrella of "Fiberart For a Cause" (FFAC), Fundraising for the American Cancer Society.

Weekly Collage Mania Preview available each Wednesday on Virginia's blog.


All collages will be available for a Patron Preview beginning April 28. Gold Donor Day: Monday, May 5, 2008 (All collages available for a minimum donation of $80 starting at 9 a.m. CST). Regular Collage Mania Opens: Tuesday, May 6, 2008 (All collages available for a minimum donation of $40 starting at 9 a.m. CST).

For more information, including how to purchase a collage, click HERE.


For submission requirements and guidelines, click HERE. Deadline for jpeg submission is April 1.


Marsha Robinett said...

This is a beautiful collage. Wonderful texture and color.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Marsha.

morningDove said...

Your father would be honored to see his little girl working in such wonderful facets of art. This is a wonderful collage in memory of your dad. thanks for posting all the detail that went into creating your piece of art.
As always it is absolutely exquisite. It reminds me of the one leaf you see so many times swirling around in the middle of the pond. You just want to get out there and snatch it out of the water.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Dove. Working on this piece for my father was therapeutic. I used to collect leaves as a young girl. My father loved the water. I created this piece with the idea of a leaf floating on water. Your comment is interestingly on target with my concept. We connected again. You're special!

Sherry said...

Another awesome job Fannie. Totally breathtaking. You did your father proud and your art is such an inspiration to others.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Sherry. I appreciate you stopping by.

Jacq said...

"Imagine" is a very lovely tribute to your father and his memory. Thank you for sharing the process on how you made it. How long has your father been gone?

Fannie said...

Thanks, Jacq. Ten years. He lived a long and full life.

Joanna van said...

Fannie this is just beautiful. I am sure that it will be one of the first ones to go. I can see you put your heart into it.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Joanna. I appreciate your support, always.

Catherine said...

This is a beautiful piece, Fannie. I love the colors !

Fannie said...

Thanks, Catherine. Because of the dark colors and the shine, this was a difficult piece to photograph.