Thursday, February 21, 2008

In the Shadows--Fabric Postcard

In the Shadows, Fabric Postcard, (4" x 6")
Fannie Narte

In the Shadows was created for a trade with Susan Lenz for her Cyber Fyber Exhibit. The following is the postcard I received from Susan.

Fabric Postcard #34
by Susan Lenz

This is Susan's description of her postcard:

"This postcard was made from a piece of fabric paper created from late 18th and early 19th century foreign text fragments, handmade and marbled papers with polymer emulsion and metallic inks on unbleached muslin. To it were added commercially printed fabric, a piece of house painted upholstery material and a scrap of an old cross stitch based on the 6th century mosaics in Ravenna's San Vitale church in a button."

SUSAN LENZ, Fiber Artist

Susan Lenz, an accomplished fiber artist from South Carolina, has organized an impressive trading project called "Cyber Fyber Trading." She has created 163 Postcards for trade.


Here are the three options to trade with Susan through Cyber Fyber Trading:

1) Trade a fiber postcard for display in CYBER FYBER, the exhibition. (Limit one!)

2) Trade a fiber ATC for display in CYBER FYBER, the exhibition. (Limit one!)

3) Send up to three, flat ATCs in any media for the INTERNATIONAL RANDOM ATC TRADE on Saturday, January 10, 2009.


"CYBER FYBER EXHIBITION is an international event scheduled at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios in South Carolina, USA from January 8th through 20th, 2009. The focus of this exhibition is to highlight the influences of Internet access for today's fiber artists."


I also traded an ATC with Susan. Click HERE to see my blog post about this trade, which includes images of the ATCs.

About In the Shadows

Do you enjoy being in the limelight or do you prefer being "In the Shadows"?

There are times when being in the limelight is a part of what I do, such as teaching, entertaining, or blogging (to a certain degree). However, I prefer to be in the "shadows." When you live your life in a public way, the "shadows" or "privacy" is a respite.

As a young child, I lived in the shadows of my mom and my cousins. I wanted to do everything they did. My mom is a gifted artist, although she would not refer to herself as an artist. She considers her art as a source of income, practical pieces, something that was made and to be used for a purpose--not something to admire or hang on the wall. As a young girl, my mom wove beautiful mats, baskets and hats to help earn income. My cousins were years older than me, and they were talented, musical and sang beautiful harmony.

In addition to my family, I am lucky to have always had mentors who guided me throughout my life. It's as if they appeared at certain critical points in my life, strategically placed liked angels. These wise women taught me values that I still practice today--importance of family and education, work ethic, responsibility, service, graciousness, gratitude, humor, investments, etc.

Although there are times I live in the limelight, living "In the Shadows" is a nice place to be. That is where one finds "wisdom" from elders.


morningDove said...

I am looking at your postcard closeup. hehehe, a darker piece of fabric for shadow? I learned a little technique on making bias squiqqles from Linda yesterday.

Fannie said...

Morning, Dove. ;-D

Yes, darker fabric for the shadow, and dark blue thread for the small circles that were the background for the gold circles.

What are bias squiggles?

Jennifer said...

I've had ATC mini quilts swirling through my mind lately... then a rerun of SQ was on recently about ATCs and now this blog about ATCs. Think making ATCs might be in my future?

Yours are beautiful!

Allison Ann Aller said...

That is one effective postcard.

Fannie said...

Hi, Jennifer. I think it's fair to say that ATCs may be in your future either by you creating them or by "images of ATCs dancing in your head." ;-D

Thanks for stopping by.

Fannie said...

Thanks, Allie. I cut out different colors of leaves trying to find the right shade to go with the background on this card. Now I have extra leaves with no project in mind--maybe I'll do a series. What do you think?

Jacq said...

Your postcard looks very 3- demensional. The shadow is very effective. I have traded both ATC and postcard with Sue, shall get them up soon.